So long… and thanks for the kimchi…

The 10th KORUS Festival went off with wonderful success. Thousands showed up over the three day event and there were lots of new faces visiting all the sold out vendor booths! The Kimchi Taco Truck from New York was a hit, with lines starting before it was open and selling out quickly! The Kimchi tent was always busy and there was lots to taste and learn about kimchi. Volunteers at the kidzone were busy entertaining kids and playing games. It seemed like everyone was constantly shopping for food and trying out different food vendors.

We want to thank all the performers and contestants who performed on stage in front of a live audience and congratulations to all the contest winners! It takes a lot of courage to perform on stage and we thank the individual contest sponsors who organized those contests. DJ Koo, Norazo, Kang InWon, and Lee ChiHyun delighted crowds and stuck around afterwards to shake hands and thank fans for coming.

Lastly, the KORUS committee and the Korean American Association of Washington Metropolitan Area would like to thank each and everyone of you who came out to Bull Run Park. We know the Park was a bit far, but we hope the trip to the gorgeously spacious park was a good relaxing and stress free break from civilization.

Once again, thanks to all who came out and we look forward to next year’s KORUS Festival.

Kimchi Festival!

The KORUS Festival will feature a Kimchi Festival in partnership with the “Gwangju World Kimchi Culture Festival” (

As part of the Kimchi Festival, the World of Institute of Kimchi is holding an International Kimchi Conference (PDF) Thursday, September 13, 2012. Fermentation experts from Korea and pickle experts from the US will be speaking at the Kellogg Conference Hotel at Gallaudet University in Washington DC.

Kimchi is Korea’s National Dish and one of the defining icons of Korean culture. Kimchi is traditionally made by mixing salted Napa cabbage with a seasoned marinade and letting it ferment for several weeks or months. Kimchi can be made from a variety of ingredients and there are almost 200 different varieties of kimchi. Kimchi is also used as the main ingredient in other dishes such as Kimchi fried rice, Kimchi soup, and Kimchi pancake. Kimchi is credited as being healthy due to its low calories, high fiber content in vegetables, and rich in various vitamins and nutrients, such as Vitamin A, iron, and calcium. Recent studies have also shown cabbage to have a potentially powerful cancer fighting compound, indole-3-carbinol (I3C).

At the Kimchi Festival, audiences can learn more about the history, the different varieties of kimchi and even how to make your very own kimchi. The KORUS festival will not just be limited to kimchi, but will also have booths selling traditional Korean street foods such as kimbap, (korean rice rolls), dukbokki, (spicy rice cake), and hoddeok, (sweet pancakes).

The Kimchi Festival will recognize special guests Marja Vongerichten, the host of the popular TV show “The Kimchi Chronicles” and Phillip Lee, owner of the “Kimchi Taco Food Truck” from NYC ( as Ambassadors of Kimchi. The Kimchi Taco Food Truck will be serving it’s delicious food on Saturday!

So come out, savor the food, have a drink at the beer garden and enjoy the performances in good weather.

DJ Koo

DJ Koo (a.k.a. Koo, Jun Yup born in 1969) is a Korean Pop singer, electro-house DJ, tecktonik dancer, and actor. He is well-known as a former member of the famous dance duo CLON and, previously, of Tak and Jun.

DJ Koo will be doing a fan signing on Friday at 4PM! Show your support and meet DJ Koo before his performance Friday night at 9 PM. Join us as he remixes your favorite K-Pop songs and spins fresh beats!


Final Schedule

Here is the final schedule! Bring your friends, your seats and your blankets for the open lawn seating, your appetite, your bugspray, your sunblock, your hand sanitizer, your caps, your sun umbrella, your digital camera, your batteries for your digital camera, your phone, your batteries for your phone, your cash, your friends to watch all of the above and yourself. Leave your pets, your alcohol, your homework, your work, your stress, your problems, and your doomsday weapons at home. Have fun, learn to dance, and enjoy all the events!


Norazo is a Korean pop/Dance male duo. They are mostly known for their comical and eccentric appearance and funny lyrics, and are often covered by Korean idol singers on their concerts.

Since their first album release in 2005, they have entertained us with such hits as “Superman,” “Woman Person,” and “the Curry Song.”

Check out their videos and songs and watch them live on Saturday night!


Dynamic, bold, and engaging are just some of the choice words to describe the alluring Japanese songwriting vocalist, simply known as Salia. For years Salia has been praised globally as the trend setting fashion forward Front-Lady of the popular Japanese pop rock group Unicorn Table while also laying claim to some of Japan’s best known theme songs as a young solo artist. With influences ranging from pop, rock and soul, Salia’s versatile range has easily allowed her to excel at a variety of music genres including, Rock, Electronica, Pop and more.

Salia will be performing as part of the WKTV Korea Today KPop Night on Saturday and part of the KoKoMo Performances with Kollaboration DC on Sunday. Salia will also be performing at Kollaboration DC on September 22, 2012. Tickets are $15 for General and $40 for VIP. Use Coupon code for 20% off: SEJONG. That’s $8 off the VIP tickets. Buy now! Code expires Sunday!